Polar Camel 20oz Ringneck Tumbler (Copy)

Mini-tutorial on customization

Because we want your product to be the best it can be, we’re providing you with a few helpful tips on customization!

  1. Use high-quality files. For engraving, we recommend a transparent file (or .png) with the areas you want to be engraved in black. We recommend Photopea or Pixlr X to adjust those files (free software online). You can also use Canva.
  2. Upload files that are the correct dimensional size. If you want to use a 1″ size file for a 2.5″ size engravable area, the image will be blurry. We recommend starting your files in the size you want to use and saving from there. You can always size down, but you can never size up. Hint: it won’t work to take a 1″ file and resave it as a 2.5″ file. The original needs to be larger!
  3. Contact us if you have questions. Email us at highfive@bold.press or text us at 402-802-6909 and we’ll be happy to help!

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