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Every Creation Tells a Story

Welcome to Bold Press, an innovative hub where engraving artistry, bespoke printing, and unique apparel designs converge to empower and inspire the small business community.

Our Journey: Bold Press sprang to life from a shared vision among passionate individuals united by social media, photography, and a zeal for creative entrepreneurship. Initially a trio, our journey has evolved with Kimber Bultsma at the helm, guiding us to new horizons. Our mission? To be more than just a print shop – to be a crucible of creativity for Omaha’s vibrant small business scene.

Our Mission: Understanding the challenges small businesses face in finding high-quality, versatile printing and engraving solutions, Bold Press emerged as a beacon. We don’t do run-of-the-mill paper printing; our canvas is far broader. Our commitment lies in offering specialized services – engraving on tumblers and slate, crafting large format vinyl and stunning posters, creating custom stickers, and producing one-off apparel pieces – each telling its own unique story.

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Kimber Bultsma, a force of nature with a knack for entrepreneurship, propels Bold Press forward. Her journey from seeking high-quality printing alternatives to owning a dynamic print shop is marked by serendipity and determination. Kimber’s life is a rich tapestry – as the brain behind A Cup of Content, a dedicated mother, and an endurance athlete, she embodies the resilience and passion that Bold Press stands for.

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Our Commitment: At Bold Press, we’re dedicated to more than just fulfilling orders. We’re about creating experiences, fostering relationships, and supporting the dreams of small business owners. We blend state-of-the-art technology with personal touch to not just meet, but exceed expectations.

Our Invitation: Step into the world of Bold Press, where every engraving, print, and apparel piece is a testament to our commitment to quality and creativity. Whether you seek a beautifully engraved tumbler, an eye-catching vinyl display, a unique sticker design, or custom apparel that stands out, we are your go-to creative partners.

Join us on this exciting journey. At Bold Press, we’re not just printing and engraving – we’re crafting stories, one creation at a time.

Bold Press: Crafting Uniqueness, Celebrating Stories.

We’ve received all sorts of requests–from printing on mudflaps to icons for religious weddings. We can help with the design, or you can bring your design to us. Rarely are there any minimums, either. Give us a call, text, or email…let’s see what we can create together.